Over 250 new ball joints in one release with improved products

Plyom returns from the summer with more than 700 new part numbers. Also highlights wheel hubs, thermostats and steering gears

Plyom, European supplier of aftermarket spare parts in rubber and metal for the automotive sector, releases 714 new spare parts covering 46 different product families. Most prominent is the wide range of ball joints that are included in the catalog: 182 steering tie rod ends, 40 steering tie rod axle joints, and 30 ball joint wheel suspensions. This release also includes link bars, thermostats, wheel hubs, and steering gears (a key family that continues to increase with 9 more spare parts).

New products with improved performance

Plyom’ s parts are manufactured with the same specifications as the original equipment manufacturer. This process gives the company the ability to improve the original equipment designs to offer its customers products with a longer useful life. Included in this release are 24 part numbers with these improvements incorporated.

The most important families of the new launch are:

  • Steering tie rod ends = 182 part numbers
  • Thermostatos = 57 part numbers
  • Wheel hubs = 56 part numbers
  • Silentblocks = 42 part numbers
  • Engine mounts = 41 part numbers
  • Steering tie rod axle joints = 40 part numbers
  • Link bars = 33 part numbers
  • Ball joint wheel suspensions = 30 part numbers
  • Shock absorber mounts = 25 part numbers
  • Oil turbo tubes = 23 part numbers
  • Hoses = 22 part numbers
  • Stabilizer bar bushings = 17 part numbers
  • Clutch master cylinders = 12 part numbers
  • Belt tensioners = 11 part numbers
  • Steering gears = 9 part numbers
  • Water pumps = 9 part numbers