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At Plyom, we have an exhaustive control over the entire process, from the design and development of the initial sample to mass production In addition, we have established after-sales follow-up mechanisms to provide a quick response to our customers. In addition, we have established after-sales follow-up mechanisms to provide a quick response to our customers.

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Suspensions are one of the most important elements of a vehicle, since, together with the tires and brakes, they form part of the so-called safety triangle. Little by little, this new evolution of the suspension is gaining ground against the conventional one, especially in high-end cars. We supply the same quality as the first equipment in the aftermarket but at a better price, and the customer always receives a complete instruction manual for installation.


The automotive switch is a device capable of changing the connections of two or more electrical circuits. Generally, the connections are changed by turning or moving a contactor, an element that establishes or interrupts the connection with the fixed contacts.  


A relay is essentially a switch that operates electrically rather than mechanically. There are several relay designs, but the most common are electromechanical, which operate by activating an electromagnet to pull a set of contacts to open or close a circuit.


The oxygen sensor measures the oxygen to fuel ratio of the injected mixture. A rich mixture (low oxygen in the exhaust gas) will trigger the control unit to lean the mixture by reducing the amount injected. A lean mixture (too much oxygen in the exhaust gas) will trigger the control unit to enrich the mixture by increasing the amount injected.


In disc brakes, the linings are pressed against the moving brake disc. During this process, the material of the brake linings and the brake disc wears down. When the linings are completely worn, the braking efficiency is greatly reduced.


Auxiliary cooling systems that are mainly used for combustion engines with Start & Stop system. Depending on the engine temperature, this pump will start to work to reduce the degrees of the cylinder head and engine block. The aim is to prevent the engine from stalling at a very high temperature, which could damage the materials inside the engine.


Windshield washer spray nozzles are used to apply water to the glass under high pressure.


LPG is a real ecological alternative to fuel. Clean and environmentally friendly option, it does not emit polluting particles and is more economical than gasoline. Renew your gas filter at least every 20,000 kilometers to avoid contamination of the gas system and injectors.


The ABS (Antilock Braking System) or Wheel Revolution Sensors are located on the wheel hubs and detect the rotational speed of each wheel, transferring this information to the ABS control unit. If the ABS control unit detects that there is a significant drop in speed on one or more wheels, which could cause them to lock up, it quickly intervenes by modulating the braking pressure of each wheel individually. This prevents the wheels from locking and ensures safe braking, allowing the driver to maintain control of the vehicle.


The oil pressure sensor, also known as the oil bulb, is responsible for sending the signal to the ECU about the engine oil pressure, and outputs the signal to the gauge on the dashboard.


Camshaft sensors enable the engine management to precisely define the position of the first cylinder. This information is used, among other things, to calculate the ignition timing and injection timing.


The crankshaft sensor is one of the most important information carriers in the engine control system. Its task is to record the speed and position of the crankshaft shaft and to transmit this information to the engine control by means of an electrical signal. On this page you will find out how a crankshaft sensor works and what should be considered when checking this sensor in order to avoid damage.


These sensors detect the pressure of the air sucked in by the intake manifold. Through this system some types of electronic injection indirectly calculate the amount of intake air and determine the correct fuel dosage. These sensors convert the inlet air pressure into proportional voltage and send it to the ECU. This system ensures the lowest percentage of harmful substances in the exhaust gases and optimum engine performance.  


The vehicle's temperature sensors are components that play a very important role in the control of pollutant emissions and fuel consumption. Their reading, together with that of other sensors, allow the control unit to parameterize the conditions of the injection system.


The tie rods (center rods) are steering components that transfer the rotary motion of the steering box to a second joint. It is the central connection of the steering boxes and must be solid and durable.


The axial ball joint is located directly on the drive shaft coming out of the gearbox. It is hidden under a sleeve, filled with a permanent lubricant. Thus the ball joint is protected against penetration of dirt or lubricant leakage.


The CV joint, enabling the steering to move sideways and the suspension to move up and down, is responsible for perfectly transmitting the turning force to the wheels without damaging any parts. Our kits, which include CV joint, bellows, flanges and grease, are designed for a perfect fit and guarantee maximum safety in the repair of the vehicle.


Electrical switches are devices that serve to divert or obstruct the flow of electric current, such as for reversing lights, ignition, brake...


This element is installed just before the crankcase gas ventilation system and its function is to separate the gasoline vapors from the oil and dirt, so that it lets only the air with gasoline pass through, leaving the oil and dirt inside.


The most vulnerable elements of the brake caliper are rubber ones, as they deteriorate rather quickly under the influence of aggressive environments. Ignoring this problem of worn seals can lead to failure of the guide pin bushings.

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